“I want to be somebody” is a video on ZAP’s Education Program in action.

In Zimbabwe there are over 1,000,000 children who have been orphaned. Most of them have lost their parents due to AIDS. The children are taken in by relatives who are often unable to pay for their school fees. ZAP has provided school fees, uniforms, other educational assistance, and encouragement to over 100 children. This video was filmed in Zimbabwe in August 2013.

 “I am an artist” is a quick look at the lives of ZAP artists today. The video was filmed by Theresa Burks during her 2012 trip to Zimbabwe.

This documentary shares the stories of the artists of Weya in their own words. Their voices offer a connection to African women as strong, talented and accomplished. You will see that with just ten fingers, a great deal is possible.

Filmed and Edited by Sarah Breidenbach

Dick Adams, founder and Executive Director of ZAP, give a brief overview of the project and its goals.

Filmed and edited by David Decker of Mercury Productions

Dick Adams and former Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator Heather MacKenzie talk a bit about the artists and the art.

Filmed and edited by David Decker of Mercury Productions