Mark your calendars for 
ZAP’s Spring International Celebration! 



APRIL 26, 1:00 – 6:00 pm at ZAP in the Olympic Mills Commerce Center, 107 SE Washginton Street in Portland.

Join us for fairly traded items from around the world just in time for Mother’s Day, live Zimbabwean music by Njuzu Mbira, snacks, craft table for kids of all ages, face painting and more!

All purchases help support the wonderful work being done by our partners:

African Creations, LLC
AWAZ Handcrafts
Basha Direct
Chwele Clinic & Community Center
Jubilee Oregon
Ko-Falen Cultural Center 
Lutherans for Justice
Lyle’s Myles
Mayan Hands
MEJOR Communities
Obo Addy Legacy Project
UPAVIM (Unidas Para Vivir Mejor)
Water Africa









ZAP’s 2014 Calendars are now on SALE!

The beautiful, colorful, and artFUL calendars are
now only $10!
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 Be sure to check out our EVENTS page and come to one or more of the events or exhibits to support your favorite artists from Zimbabwe.  Purchase a meaning gift for your mom (Mother’s Day), brother or sister (Birthday), favorite aunt (just because), child’s teacher (for doing a great job), co-worker (for having your back), and main squeeze (for being wonderful).  Don’t forget to treat yourself to some art.


ZAP’s Mission

Partnering with Weya artists in strengthening self-sufficiency, cultural understanding and education is our mission. We work with women artists (and a few men) from rural Weya in Eastern Zimbabwe, buying art directly from them and selling it to people in the U.S. who are looking for beautiful and meaningful art and who want to support their artistic talents. 

Women of Weya are subsistence farmers, mothers, and householders as well as artists. Most women live on their own, providing for families. Some are widowed, others are single heads of households, since throughout Zimbabwe men leave the rural areas to seek work in cities. Women’s income from agriculture is unpredictable and limited. Sales of their art help women afford food, clothing, school fees, medicines, transport, seeds and fertilizer. Since the market for Weya art in Zimbabwe is extremely limited, sales in the U.S. are critical. ZAP purchases more art than any other buyer, delivering cash at the time of purchase. Equally important, ZAP provides health care assistance to all of the artists, including special care to artists who are HIV-positive. ZAP also works with the artists and their community on special projects and funds school fees and other educational support for children who have been orphaned in the Weya area.


“I want to be somebody” is a video on ZAP’s Education Program in action. In Zimbabwe there are over 1,000,000 children who have been orphaned. Most of them have lost their parents due to AIDS. The children are taken in by relatives who are often unable to pay for their school fees. ZAP has provided school fees, uniforms, other educational assistance, and encouragement to over 100 children. This video was filmed in Zimbabwe in August 2013.  

ZAP’s Education Program in Action: “I want to be somebody” from Zimbabwe Artists Project on Vimeo.